Printmaking is divided into 2 distinct disciplines; Intaglio and Lithography. Intaglio uses copper plate, etched with Ferric Chloride acid to produce a printable surface. This plate is printed on one of our 4 presses up to 48″x50″. Inks used in intaglio are water based and solvent free. Lithography uses Bavarian limestone as the printing matrix. The imagery is put on the stone by hand and processed using nitric acid and gum arabic. We have four lithography presses. The printable image is then inked using oil based inks and run though one of our 4 presses. Litho has 1 24″x36″ full sheet stone and 6 1/2 sheet stones. We also utilized the latest in photographic/laser output lithographic plates for CMYK separations and photo-mechanical reproduction printing techniques.


Foundation Learning Outcome Overview: 



– Students will become familiar with lithographic printing terminology

– Understand the differences between lithographic printing and other forms of printmaking

– Apply knowledge of traditional lithographic image processing procedures

– Create an edition of black and white lithographic prints with assistance from the instructor



– Students will develop an understanding of the four different forms of printmaking and terminology

– Understand the basic intaglio and relief image processing procedures by producing a suite of 3 prints

– Demonstrate familiarity of hand bound bookmaking techniques


Specials Learning Outcome Overview: 



– Students will apply and refine knowledge gained in Foundations Lithography to each printing assignment and their own work based on examples and lectures as well as self-exploration of lithographic processes both independently and in collaboration with their peers

– Demonstrate familiarity with the vast amount of nuance within the traditional, hand-printed lithographic art making discipline

– Students are able to properly use the various matrices available in hand lithography

– Become familiar with historical and contemporary artists using the lithographic medium

– Successfully demonstrate how application of the elements and principles of design, and mark making techniques affect the meaning of an image

– Develop a personal preliminary work creation strategy to inform finished works

– Propose and deliver a finished body of work consisting of a statement of intent and images that will be critiqued and juried for the Bealart Year End Show



– Students will apply knowledge gained in Foundation Etching and become familiar with the tradition of hand printed intaglio and relief printmaking disciplines

– Become familiar with historical and contemporary artists using printmaking media

– Develop and demonstrate proficiency in advanced hand bound book making

– Develop a personal sketchbook

– Acquire, curate and organize group exhibitions within the London area community

– Develop and utilize the ability to discuss and critique their own artworks and that of their peers