Photography at Bealart is now called Expanded Media. The new Expanded Media course explores the techniques and impacts of image making technologies such as digital photography, 3D scanning and printing, programmatic & interactive design, projection mapping and 3D design. Experiments in these media will allow students to build an understanding of how to use these tools for the purposes of creating artworks of their own design.


Foundation Art Learning Outcome Overview:


– Students will become familiar with Digital photographic technology and terminology

– Demonstrate understanding of camera operation, digital editing techniques and printing techniques

– Students will be introduced to 3D capture and 3D image editing

– Create a body of work that demonstrates an understanding of the nuances of photographic image creation


Specials Learning Outcome Overview: 


– Students will apply their knowledge of Digital photography to each shooting assignment and their own work

– Further develop their making strategies and technical skills based on knowledge gained in Foundation Photography

– Become familiar with 3D capture & editing technologies for purposes of print and display

– Develop techniques in elected alternative processes, and studio lighting techniques

– Through written and oral means, demonstrate how application of elements and principles of design, lighting, and shooting techniques affect the meaning of an image

– Discuss and critique photography theory from the postmodern period

– Propose and deliver a finished body of work consisting of a statement of intent and images for the end of the year