Bealart students embody the creative spirit, the sense of experimentation and inquiry that takes them on a lifelong adventure.  Located within the walls of HB Beal Secondary School in downtown London, Ontario, Bealart has an undeniable presence in the community and art world, within Canada and beyond.

The early 1800’s , had opportunities for young people to study art, however it was not until 1927 that the Bealart Vocational Department was established.  Mackie Cryderman was a highly skilled leader and artist who ran the department with the new philosophy of student-focussed teaching in which free self-expression was encouraged.  From her staff of professional artists who taught by example, Mackie required talent, training and curiosity.

Returning WW2 veterans studying at Beal in the late 1940’s, increased enrolment and opened opportunities for new staff.  John O’Henly and Herb Ariss encouraged students to be self motivated learners, free thinkers, knowledgeable about the business of art, actively making art and attending gallery exhibitions.  Tutorials were introduced as personal evaluation sessions, replacing the conventional grading system in the art department.  The Bealart program flourished with it’s strong studio foundation experiences and eight specialized studio facilities.  Over ninety teachers have encouraged young students and adult learners to create art in an atmosphere of mutual respect and curiosity.

As the current curriculum broadens to offer studio arts to younger students in Canada’s largest and most innovative art school, we embrace the artistic future at Bealart.