Kingsmills World Figure Skating Championships installation by Grace L.

Bealart is always interested in creating relationships with members of the London and area community. We value our connections to arts facilities in and around London such as galleries, guilds, public institutions and private collectors. To foster more interaction between Bealart and the community we are pleased to entertain any requests for public artworks or private commissions that you may require. Our students are some of the most talented in Canada, and we are proud of the work that they are capable of! If you wish to contact us to propose a project that our students may assist you in, please include the following information:

  1. Project Description – a detailed explanation of what you would like, including visual references if possible.
  2. Project Timeline – when would you like to begin and complete the project.
  3. Resources – what materials will you require and where will they come from?
  4. Remuneration – will the student receive any compensation for their time?
  5. Please use the Contact form to send us this information.

Many of our students are willing to lend their time in order to complete the volunteer hours required to graduate Secondary School. Please be aware that we cannot undertake all requests for commissions. Requests are posted within the department and are considered by staff and students on a first come, first served basis. Upon receiving your request, a member of the department will contact you.

Thank you for being a partner!