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    Bealart is a critical mass of Visual Art instructors and students at HB Beal Secondary School that enables extraordinary life-world experiences! At Bealart, we believe that skills, technique and style should be in service of well-formed thinking and we challenge our students to develop, research and present their own ideas. Our program teaches students to consider the consequences of their creativity; to be responsible to the environment and those around them for the artifacts they create.



Please join us on Saturday, June 25 12-5pm , Sunday June 26 12-5pm & Monday, June 27 9am-6pm for our first in-person Year End Show & Sale since 2019!! Help us celebrate this year's hard work!

For many reasons, Bealart is an excellent choice for both high school and after high school studies. Find out more about our special programs and the benefits!


Bealart provides critical, contemporary art making experiences, culminating in a portfolio of finished and experimental works that will distinguish our students from others and help them to succeed in post-secondary environments. We endeavour to direct students toward self-motivated, concept-driven artworks which showcase the skills and techniques learned using our unique facilities. Students are encouraged to be accountable for their work, the processes of its creation, as well as its meaning, through critique, self-reflective practice and peer to peer interactions. Bealart works closely with the community to showcase the talents of the students and foster positive relationships outside of the classroom while promoting the visual arts and a sense of responsibility to that community.


We offer one of a kind programming beginning in Grade 9 with options for all skill levels and interests. Enriched level classes and immersive full day art experiences are complimented with options that allow students to accumulate compulsory OSSD credits.


Registration for all of our programs must be completed in February, however, many of our programs have specific entrance requirements. We list all dates and times for Registration as well as Auditions Here

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525 Dundas St. London Ontario Canada

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