Textiles, or Fibre Arts creates works of art using natural fibres from nature, both as a substrate on which to create imagery and as a raw material for construction. This studio utilizes large-scale floor looms to create textiles that are then used for construction of garments and other items, both functional and decorative. Our fibre arts instructor acquires wool from local and Canadian farmers, which can be carded and spun to create yarn for knit projects or felt for constructed forms.


Foundation Learning Outcome Overview:


– Students will have an understanding of natural and synthetic fibres, their growth, development and use

– Felt making techniques are introduced including wet felting and needle felting

– Embroidery, beadwork, and the embellishment of woven, or knit textiles are practices

– Students develop research skills through sketchbook investigations of various cultures using drawing, experimentation, collage, and colour

– Design and repetition will be realized through silkscreen printing and dye painting on silk

– Students are introduced to global issues affecting the environment: organic fibres, textile industries, dyes, and waste contamination


Specials Learning Outcome Overview: 


– Students will build upon previous skills with research into textile education in North America and Europe, small studio businesses and museum collections globally

– Sewing machine skills, fabric manipulation, quilting appliqué and piecing are applied to wall pieces or garments

– Weaving on table and floor looms, pattern drifting and colour/yarn selection give students an opportunity to design, dress the loom and weave three finished textiles

– Knitted by hand, often with hand spun yarn, and machine knitting are introduced and practiced through sampling and experimentation

– Surface design and dyes are developed through layering, drawing, and printing. Marbling, indigo, light sensitive dye, discharge and natural dyes may be taught and practiced during this course

– Students have the opportunity to revisit any of the techniques taught, as inspiration for their final collection