Bealart is proud to work with our community partners on special projects that offer unique benefits to our students. Each project allows for different aspects of student learning and achievement in addition to studio and classroom curriculum. These projects are made possible by the hard work of the staff at Bealart, the commitment of the students as well as our valued partners in our region and globally.

International Portfolio Day

Over 20 post-secondary schools in 2015 attended our International Portfolio Day to meet our students, speak to them about their artwork and help them plan for the future! This opportunity is only available to Bealart students, and the results are astounding! IPD prepares students to apply to the post-secondary schools that will best serve them by introducing them to the representatives of numerous schools in a meaningful way. Students meet with recruitment officers as well as teaching faculty to receive feedback on their work and their writing. This increases our student’s chances of acceptance and guides them in one of the most difficult and stressful decisions of their life.

Internship Program

Bealart now offers 5 internship positions for Specialist students. Graduates of the Foundation program may elect to apply to one of the two internship positions in place of one studio specialization. We offer a Multi-Media/Promotions Internship and a 4 Shop Technician Internships. This is a great way to gain workplace experience and an excellent entry on you CV! More information can be found here.