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Photography at Bealart utilizes wet darkroom processes, silver based film and printing papers as well as digital capture and output. Our darkroom has 25 enlargers, which can print 4″x5″ negatives up to 16″x20″ prints. We have also been fortunate to receive a donation of 8×10 view camera equipment! Bealart is equipped with a photographic lighting studio with 4 Broncolor strobes and modifiers, backdrops and stands. For digital processing and output, we have three digital darkrooms, each with professional 13″x19″ colour ink jet printing capabilities.


Foundation Art Learning Outcome Overview:


– Students will become familiar with Silver Based 35mm photographic terminology

– Demonstrate understanding of camera operation, film processing techniques, and darkroom printing techniques

– Create a body of work that demonstrates an understanding of the nuances of photographic image creation


Specials Learning Outcome Overview: 


– Students will apply their knowledge of 35mm Silver Based photography to each shooting assignment and their own work

– Further develop their shooting strategies and technical skills based on knowledge gained in Foundation Photography

– Become familiar with medium and large format photography, selected alternative processes, and studio lighting techniques

– Through written and oral means, demonstrate how application of elements and principles of design, lighting, and shooting techniques affect the meaning of an image

– Discuss and critique photography theory from the postmodern period

– Propose and deliver a finished body of work consisting of a statement of intent and images for the end of the year