The painting studio provides 1500 square feet with 16-foot ceilings, indirect natural light and abundant walls, easels, tables, and floors to allow for the most ambitious painting projects. The equipment to build stretchers (saws, clamps, and various hand tools) is provided. The studio is accessible to all students during their class time, during lunch, and until at least 4:30 on weekdays.


Foundation Learning Outcome Overview:


 Students are introduced to a variety of both traditional and contemporary approaches to painting through demonstrations, lectures and direct experimentation

– The technical process of painting and theory relating to colour, the elements of design and composition are expanded upon and applied to the creation of several paintings

– Students are encouraged to take risks and explore the process of painting as they develop their creative skills

– Critical thinking and the development of personally relevant ideas and issues are recognized as essential elements of painting


Specials Learning Outcome Overview:


– Students are expected to develop and apply self critical thinking to the production of their paintings and related objects over a ten month period of consistent studio activity

– Students preconceived notions of painting will be challenged through assigned projects and problems, exposure to contemporary art practice, weekly seminars and critiques

– Risk taking and experimentation that embraces both failure and success as possible consequences is seen as crucial to creating authentic, personally significant and well crafted paintings

– Students work both independently and collaboratively in an open studio space and are encouraged to interact and become aware of each others studio practice

– Students are taught practical skills related to the painting processes, materials, and construction

– Panting specialization encourages students to be intellectually curious self reliant and self motivated as they prepare for the challenges of post secondary studies