Illustration makes use of our dedicated 25-seat computer lab to instruct students in classical illustration, typography, traditional hand and digital paste up techniques. Up to date Adobe Creative Suite software is used to create package design and layouts, product design and book illustrations.


Foundation Art Learning Outcome Overview:


– Students will become familiar with the origins of design and illustration as well as its uses in commercial applications

– Familiarity with tools and techniques of traditional illustration

– Explore the specific usage of the principles of design as a means to create message

– Become familiar with and demonstrate understanding of interpretive graphic design and commercial presentation

– Demonstrate familiarity with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop by incorporating analogue and digital tools to create complex layouts and designs


Specials Learning Outcome Overview:


– Students will develop and exhibit intense focus on the elements and principles as applied to layout and graphic messaging

– Demonstrate familiarity with terminology and application of the creative process, typography and layout manipulation

– Develop rendering skills with: gouache (flat application), glazing techniques, ruling pen

– Develop and demonstrate appropriate use of marker blending and layering

– Familiarity in computer aided layout and image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

– Explore technical illustration strategies such as scaled two-point perspective; both hand drawn and computer generated

– Proficiency in isometric and oblique projections

– Demonstrate the necessary skills required to create interpretive book, editorial, and advertising illustration

– Create a body of works including industrial production and interior designs for display