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Why attend Bealart?

The staff at Bealart, London Ontario’s most rigorous Secondary School Fine Art program, have been working feverishly over the past few years to introduce some of the most unique Secondary School Art Education level visual art programming in Canada!! Click here for the top 5 reasons why joining us next year is a great opportunity! Click here to find out how to apply.


If you are interested in joining us next year, registration must be completed by February 15! Seats fill fast (we wish we could take everyone) so make sure you are prepared. Click here to find out how to apply A portfolio interview is required to register and we will be holding portfolio Interviews, Q&A tours and registration sessions on

January 16 4-6pm
January 18 7-9pm
January 23 4-6pm
January 25 7-9pm
January 30 4-6pm

February 1 7-9pm
February 6 4-6pm
February 8 7-9pm

No appointment necessary!