Grade 12+ Studio Practice

(This program requires students to have completed 18 compulsory OSSD credits at minimum)
The Grade 12+ Studio Practice Program is a full day, every day, 10 Studio rotation over the course of 1 school year. Applicants must have completed all compulsory courses in order to graduate prior to registering. This program is 8 credits. Studio explorations include: Ceramics, Photography, Illustration, Film & Animation, Painting, Etching, Lithography, Sculpture and Textiles. The Grade 12 Studio Practice program is intended to introduce students to techniques and processes of professional art practice and give them an opportunity to hone their own skills while building a portfolio with which to enter Post-Secondary art studies or their own professional art practice.

Grade 12+ Specialist

(This program requires students to have graduated)
The Specialist year is an intensive, one year, exploration of Studio art practice. Students that are successful in completing either the Grade 12 Foundations 2 or Grade 12+ Studio Practice courses, may elect to return and focus on 2 studios for an entire year. This is augmented by a rigorous Drawing program and comprehensive Art History studies. This program is 8 credits.

Internship Program

Bealart is proud to offer an internal work placement internship program. This one of a kind program is intended to replace one Specialist Level studio with rigorous, hands on tasks outside the studio environment within the Bealart Department. There are two separate internship opportunities and successful candidates will be responsible for one of two internship streams which will be facilitated by their Specialist Studio Instructor.