Bealart’s film studies incorporates classical and digital animation, narrative film making, experimental video production, and audio based artworks. Bealart is fortunate enough to have DSLRs for filming with a selection of lenses and body options. We have 3 digital editing studios, each with 2 workstations, a dedicated computer lab, and two analog animation capture stations. Analog animations are captured in Digicel Flipbook then edited in Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro.


Foundation Art Learning Outcome Overview:


– Studies will demonstration understanding of how to use a video camera

– Develop understanding of the role of storyboarding in the film making process

– Construct a storyboard with intent where concept is communicated clearly

– Ability to upload digital data, manipulate footage with intent and export files from Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier in a viewable format

– Develop an understanding of how to record their own sound using a portable audio recorder

– Become familiar with the characteristics of narrative and experimental film making

– Use film criticism and animation terminology to speak critically about their own work and the films/animations shown in class

– Identify the role of form and content in a narrative or experimental film

– Introduction to the genre system, auteur theory, the structural theory and their place in film criticism

– Become familiar with historically significant full length films

– Apply the principles of animation in a descending energy ball bounce and Barney Google

– Ability to use Flipbook Digicell software effectively to capture and animate frames

– Demonstrate basic skills in academic essay writing (Film crit)


Specials Learning Outcome Overview: 


– Students will apply knowledge gained in Foundation Film Studies and complete animations that exhibit believable moment through the appropriate use of the principles of animation

– Demonstrate understanding of how to time animation according to existing sound tracks

– Build on their understanding of the possibilities with Flipbook Digicell software

– Design, develop, present and animate two characters (protagonist and villain)

– Develop a demo reel to be screened and critiqued in class

– Thoroughly develop an animated short from concept to completion that will be critiqued ad juried for the Bealart Year End Show