Bealart wishes to recognize the members of our community that have donated something to the future of our department, our students and culture in Canada! This is a new initiative that we have undertaken, so please bear with us as we get caught up!


Dr. Madeline Hardy
Dr. Hardy, former Director of Education of the TVDSB, was gracious enough to donate a number of Art books to our library! Thank you to Dr. Hardy and her husband for considering Bealart as the recipient of your collection!

Mike Nichol
Mr. Nichol made a living with his camera. When he no longer had use for the equipment he had amassed over an entire lifetime, he thought of Bealart. Mr. Nichol donated an entire house-full of Photography equipment. Some of the items that he donated were very specialized and rare, things that Bealart would not have been able to purchase. The photography students at Bealart are very lucky indeed to receive Mr. Nichol’s gift. Thank you!

John donated some darkroom equipment and cameras to the Photography department. His gifts ensure that we have enough 35mm cameras to go around. His passion for educating what he considers “the future of our society” is unrivalled. It is an honour to meet you, John! Thank you!

Harry owned and operated a Photography equipment store in the 1980s. He contacted the department to donate some leftover enlargers. The enlargers that he donated are professional quality, lab enlargers. Such equipment has never seen the inside of a Secondary School I’m sure. We are very grateful for his donation and excited to use such high quality equipment! Thanks!


If you have donated to Bealart in the past we would like to recognize you! Please email us.