Pratt Institute visits bealart

We had a great visit from the folks from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY yesterday. Thanks to the team that toured around the department and talked with our students. The presentation in the afternoon was excellent!
Thank you to Erica, Spencer and Michael!

Hope to see you next year!



Equinox Summit

TVO is hosting a series of round table discussions on the future of education. It is important stuff, things that we as a department are very interested in, especially because we are experimenting with many of the solutions that are being tabled on TVO. Check out the first instalment of the series here. Feel free to comment on our facebook page or email me your comments.

Grade 12 Litho Second Day!

12 Students are preparing their stones for images in Litho class. Hard at work graining and preparing images to be printed soon! Next week – stone processing demonstration. After that… PRINTING!


IMG_9121 IMG_9123 IMG_9124 IMG_9126

The Opening day!!

Quinn Arthur made a dragon. Ewan thinks its pretty cool!


Mini Bealart is a hit with the kids


Ally Louwagie being presented an award from Mrs Upsdale from the Mackie Cryderman Foundation.


Sam and Tom. Alumni from time immemorial.


Annabel’s sales!!


Yarn bomb trees.


Large Scale in Ceramics

Ms. Davy’s Ceramics class is hard at work creating a series of large vessel forms. Here are some photos of the preliminary stages.


IMG_8956 IMG_8960

IMG_8964 IMG_8967 IMG_8969 IMG_8973 IMG_8975 IMG_8976 IMG_8979 IMG_8988

One Semester in Painting

Mr. Ludlow sent me some images of the state of the painting studio just following the wrap up of semester 1. I thought I would show you all what a painting studio looks like after 20 weeks of experimentation, creation and, well… painting. All in all a lovely patina is growing on the floors and walls of the painting studio! Keep up the good work!!
















Semester 1 Photo!

IMG_7341Here are some of the photographs that I have put aside for the Year End Show! These are all from the Foundation 03 class and the Specialist Photography class! I am so proud of them all. Such a great body of work. Good Job to all of you – Keep it up! Now that we are in Semester 2, I am looking forward to having a new bunch in the Foundation Section. The Specialists and I are embarking on a look at Roland Barthes “Camera Lucida”. Heavy. Thanks to all! Good luck in your other studios!









If you are interested in attending the Enriched Grade 9 – 10 program OR the Senior Multi-Credit (11 – FD – SP) program next year, here is your chance to register.

To register for the Enriched Grade 9 – 10 program, you must complete the questionnaire and be interviewed by one of our Art instructors. We will be holding interviews on the evenings listed here. No appointment is needed.


To register for the Senior Multi-Credit program you must participate in our portfolio review. To do so, please come and visit us in February and bring a portfolio consisting of:

– 10 artworks
– Works may be unfinished or exploratory
– Sketchbooks
– Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Computer based art, collage etc.
– Large works that are not portable should be documented digitally. Bring your computer to show your work.
– A portion of the portfolio should reflect your interests and style of creativity
– Keep works flat (don’t roll up your work)

We will be here, in the Art Department from 4-6 on each Tuesday (5,12,19,26) and 7-9 on Thursdays (7,14,21,28). No appointment is needed, first come first served.

Enter off King Street and come downstairs!

Hope to see you soon!