Student Showcase II

Show Hours:

Saturday, June 17th & Sunday, June 18th from 12-5pm.
Monday, June 19 9am – 9pm.
H. B. Beal Secondary School
525 Dundas Street.
London Ontario.

Enter through the King Street doors and follow signs to the basement.

Brody Weaver

Izzy Avola

Zoe Pantazopoulos

Brooke Tomlinson

Danielle Stewart

Caroline Lorch

Autumn Ducharme

Lillian Barrett & Carly Marcotte


Student Showcase I

This year’s Year End Show & Sale is only a few days away! Stop by this weekend to see results of all our hard work!

Show Hours:

Saturday, June 17th & Sunday, June 18th from 12-5pm.
Monday, June 19 9am – 9pm.
H. B. Beal Secondary School
525 Dundas Street.
London Ontario.

Enter through the King Street doors and follow signs to the basement.

Madison Powers

Jacob Mallet

Sam VanRootselaar

Magan Wilson

Elyse McCready

Joshua VanKessel

Sydney Karlson

Evan Spindler

Miriam Biro

Sarah Quarrie

Award Show Opening

Our very own Tess Davey was awarded an exhibition at Satellite. She worked tirelessly over the summer to produce an astounding installation work. Last night we all popped down to the Satellite to congratulate her! Thanks to all who came out to support Tess! Congrats Tess.

l1000557 l1000558 l1000559 l1000560 l1000561 l1000562 l1000563

Bealart Grad Wins Award


Merray Gerges, a grad from a few years back has been awarded the Canadian Art Editorial Residency! Congrats Merray!

More details here


Re[inter]act Shows


Drawing on the art is always a fun time.


Danny makes the beeps and clicks

L1000079 L1000080

Graham’s piece caused some controversy


Blanket Fort!!



L1000083 L1000084

Grassy knoll 2.0

L1000085 L1000087 L1000088 L1000089

Magan is inside Cassie’s installation.

L1000091 L1000092 L1000094

Now you must fight…. the bear!


The bear is watching


Magan is the Lion King.L1000097 L1000098 L1000100

Squishy nose.

L1000101 L1000102

Amanda is “liking”.

L1000104 L1000105 L1000106 L1000107 L1000108 L1000109

Sarah’s crystalline installation

L1000118 L1000120

For some reason there was an overall pig thing going on.

L1000121 L1000122

Wearables are totally wear it’s at.


Norah inside Jimmy’s installation


Jerad immersed in an alternate reality.

L1000130 L1000133 L1000134

Admiring Amanda’s installation.

L1000135 L1000136

The view from inside Lane, Dahlia and Zoe’s installation.

L1000137 L1000138 L1000143

Ms. Davy is crowned by Connor and Alexandra’s installation.

L1000144 L1000145 L1000146 L1000147

Magan made a beautiful tangle.


Connor and Alex are in a 60’s Mod Band. Single out now!!

Contact Exhibit Opening

Thanks to all who came out to our first Satellite Gallery opening of the year!!


Mr. Ludlow chats with some of the visitors. Thanks to Mr. Ludlow for all his hard work on this show!

L1004420 L1004422

That’s a big art.

L1004423 L1004424



The Turk Sisters.


Mason’s stink eye.


Derek and I have the same habit of talking when the shutter opens.



L1004429 L1004430 L1004431

Only Jimmy could photobomb his own portrait.

L1004432 L1004434

Dakotah directing traffic.


Hugs and cameras for everyone.

2015 Portfolio Day

We went all out for IPD 2015. Flowers in our hair all out…

24 Schools, 100+ students, 40 reps, 15 interviews per rep, 9-4PM, 100s of arts. That’s just about the math of it. Thanks to all the gracious Post-Secondary reps who were able to join us. We appreciate your hard work, honesty and feedback! This was the best IPD yet! Can’t wait until next year – IPD 2016! Mrs. Davy needs a rest first though. She did all the heavy lifting on this one. Thanks to her for everything!

L1004378 L1004382 L1004384 L1004386 L1004387 L1004389 L1004390 L1004392 L1004396 L1004398 L1004402 L1004407 L1004410

Self Portrait Performances

Today was the first day of presentations of the Specialist Self-Portrait drawing assignments. Elliot, Mason and Magan chose performance as the means by which they would communicate their portraits. Both were very effective, though different in delivery and tone. It was a morning of rich visual and personal experience! Thanks to both of them for being as vulnerable and authentic as they were!

L1004003 L1004005 L1004006 L1004007 L1004010 L1004011 L1004015 L1004016 L1004019 L1004021 L1004024 L1004028 L1004033 L1004034 L1004036 L1004037 L1004039