Self Portrait Performances

Today was the first day of presentations of the Specialist Self-Portrait drawing assignments. Elliot, Mason and Magan chose performance as the means by which they would communicate their portraits. Both were very effective, though different in delivery and tone. It was a morning of rich visual and personal experience! Thanks to both of them for being as vulnerable and authentic as they were!

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Retirement Party

After nearly 30 years as the Illustration instructor here at Bealart, Alison Nuttal is moving on to the next phase of her life. We would like to thank her for all her efforts while with us and wish her well as she moves on. Thanks to all who came out to wish her well. It was great to see former staff to catch up!

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Show Setup

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Satellite Gallery Opening

The exhibition periphery | core presents the work of art students from three educational institutions; here are the works by Bealart students! All students were asked to produce works that are creative interpretations of the concept of ‘satellite.’ Just as a satellite revolves around the core, a key focus of their work in the exhibition is the investigation of relationships and also communication, visible or unseen, between objects, geographical locations, biological entities, and technologies.

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Raku Firing

The ceramic specialist students were fortunate to take part in a raku firing and learn the techniques and process that goes along with it. Each student fired a minimum of two pieces throughout the day, take a look at the results!