Jeff Heene

Jeff Heene is a father of 2, and the department head at Bealart. He has been teaching Photography and Lithography in the department since 2008. Prior to teaching, Jeff worked in graphic design as a freelance designer and photographer, holds a BFA from NSCAD University and attended Western University in 2007 to gain teaching certification. Jeff attended Bealart in the early 1990s and feels fortunate to be able to return to Beal to teach. Read more.


Greg Ludlow

Greg Ludlow is an artist who teaches painting, drawing, and art history at Bealart. Greg obtained his BA from Western and his MFA from NSCAD. Mr. Ludlow has taught for a number of years, including a decade at Western, Visual Arts. He is represented by Beaux Arts des Ameriques in Montreal and Cube Gallery in Ottawa. Read more.

Kim Davy



Mrs. Davy is the ceramic instructor and event coordinator at Bealart. She is responsible for planning large events including portfolio day and the annual year-end show for the students. She has taught in the clay community for 20 years and is in her 5th year of teaching at Beal. She has participated in two international artist residencies and is currently working on the development of a new body of work. Read more.


Ashley Powers

Mrs. Powers has taught grade 9 and 10 enriched art and is currently teaching film and animation, as well as art history to the foundation and specialist students. Apart from teaching, Mrs. Powers spends a significant amount of time building her skills in the various studios available at Beal. “I think the most important thing is to foster a general appreciation and understanding of the arts.”- Mrs. Powers

Michelle Easden


Mrs. Easden studied at Western University and completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and a  Master of Education. Mrs. Easden taught at ESL (English as a Second Language) at Fanshawe College before she started teaching at TVDSB in 1999. Mrs. Easden was an Art Department Head for 8 years and has been teaching visual arts for 18 years. Mrs. Easden is a Professional Artist and has a large body of work that spans many forms of media. Read More.


Ray Jackson

Mr. Jackson is the printmaking and sculpture instructor at Bealart. Teaching for 14 years, he has also been an educator at Fanshawe College, Mount Allison University, and a critic and curator. He continues to be a practicing artist alongside his teaching position. “Hooooot pockets.” –Ray Jackson


John Koyounian


Mr. Koyounian specializes in teaching Illustration but also helps with the Grade 10 Enriched class, Grade 11 and 12 Life drawing and Foundation Painting classes. Before he started at Beal in 2015, he taught at TVDSB for fifteen years. He is a graduate of the Fanshawe Fine Arts Program and holds a BA and Honors Degree in Visual Arts from Western University. Read More.


Jennifer Johnston

Mrs. Johnston has a degree in Art History and Critical Theory from Western University. She was an art teacher and the department head at Glencoe until 2012 before she started teaching at Beal. She currently teaches Grade 12, Foundation, and Specials Moving Image and Specials Art History. Read More.




Craig Marucci

Mr. Marucci is currently the drawing coordinator at Beal where he has taught for 7 years. He has previously taught part time at Fanshawe College, Museum London, and has been as educator for over 30 years. Currently, he is an instructor of life drawing, ceramics, and art history. Mr. Marucci has exhibited work at Gibson Gallery, Art Exchange, The Beau XI (Canada) and The Old Fire Hall (England). “We can’t teach art; only the techniques and theory.” – Craig Marucci


Nancy Watson

Mrs. Watson was a Bealart student before she earned her degree in Clothing, Textiles & Design from the University of Western Ontario. She currently teaches textiles to students of all grades. Before she came to Beal, she taught Visual Art and Family Studies at Clarke Road SS for 20 years. She is still an active artist and continues to show and sell her work – mostly textile and painting based – at various art shows. “Practise, experiment, and keep learning. Technique is a vehicle for expression.” – Nancy Watson


Susan Deibler

Mrs. Deibler has been teaching grade 9-12 single credit Visual Arts and grade 10 Crafts at Beal for 15 years. After completing one year in the Bealart program, she graduated from the Audio-visual Media program at Fanshawe College. Before becoming an educator, she spent 8 years in Alberta working as an audio-visual media technician for the Government of Alberta at the Forestry school in Hinton, as well as the Alberta Correspondence School. Read more.


Shawn Siegrist

Educator and entrepreneur, Elyse Booth is currently teaching in the Multi-credit program at Beal. She started her own photography business: www.shutter-fotos.ca while pursuing her passion for education with Thames Valley District School Board. Her passion for photography, people, and technology all contribute to her professional pedagogy. Elyse attained her Bachelor of Education from the University Institute of Technology.

Elyse Booth


Dan Barrick holds a BFA from the University of Western Ontario and has been a teacher for over 10 years. He has taught Grade 9, 10, and 11 single-credit art at Beal, and is currently teaching crafts, Grade 9 art, and Grade 10 enriched art.  Barrick is a co-founder of the local comics imprint River Donkey Adventures, for which he writes, draws, and designs graphic novels. www.riverdonkeyadventures.com
Dan Barrick